Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Lightship Chronicles

Lightship Chronicles is a young adult adventure set on a mysterious world. Carpatia is a harsh desert land, but one with spectacular vistas and populated by two very different and resilient people, the Carpati and the Bitani. Both believe in competing myths of their history. Myths of great ancient battles fought over by a clan of mysterious Sacred Warriors against magical Light-Fairies. Under the glowing warmth of their red-giant sun, it's easy for the Carpati to believe in their beautiful myths. They spend most of their long 36 hour days living a simple farming lifestyle, in the Township built on the lower slopes of the mighty Table Mountain. The Bitani meanwhile rule over the Carpati from their futuristic city atop the massive tabletop mountain, and have a very different and quite mysterious perspective, yet for some unknown reason they actively encourage the Carpati to stick to their very different beliefs.

For the Carpati the only respite from the drudgery of their simple days are the monthly lightship races held by the Bitani. The hovering lightships speed at more than 700kph over a 600km course that runs up the sides of mesas, through the canyons of the Crags, over the 10m waves of the Great Salt Sea, max out down the Long Straight, the Dunes, and through the Eastern Hills with its many giant Baobab threes. It's a spectacular race unlike anything else in the galaxy, and the favorite pastime of Andee and his little brother Mykee. Both dream of being lightship pilots while watching the race from their favorite hangout, the 1000m high Outcrop overlooking The Crags, but for a Carpati to become a lightship pilot is a near impossible dream. Will Andee ever become a pilot? The odds are stacked against him, yet this is where the adventure begins.

Join the adventure now because this is growing into an epic tale years into the making. Visit LightshipChronicles.com for more in depth details of the race circuit, including images of the course, the outcrop, and the lightships. And remember, all this is FREE only at www.lightshipchronicles.com
And remember! It is always FREE!
At www.LightshipChronicles.com

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